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Thank you to all who braved the storm.  The first run was fabulous!
let’s do this again.  Shall we?
Sunday Jan 24 at 7pm then break until Friday Jan 29 at 8pm until the next one.

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Did you know our show is this weekend?

Check out who’s performing when:

Weekend 1
January 23: Callie Chapman, Michael Figueroa, Chavi Bansal, Kathleen Nasti
January 24: Kathleen Nasti, Chavi Bansal,...Read More »

As We Begin and End - Experience the Dance

Dance Olivia Coombs takes you on a trip through the piece with the Go Pro.

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Opia Installation Progress

With CATALYST performance only weeks away, Zoe Dance/Callie Chapman has started installing in studio 7.  Being the first day in the studio a bunch of time was spent measuring, testing, hanging, and trying different materials/methods.
Here are some photos of the progress:

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Rehearsal footage from Zoe Dance

Dancers: Caroline Carbo, Andrea Rios, Jacob Reagan, Mary Teuscher, Gina Masciarelli

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Filming Progress

Here are some images from one of our latest shoots for the installation at CATALYSTS concert in January.

Dancers: Danielle Davidson, Mary Teuscher, and Jacob Reagan
Director: Callie Chapman

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